“Wine Walkers Crete” – An invitation to discover Cretan wines

They are two young people from Crete, who until recently had nothing to do with the primary sector. Their close relationship with the nature of the Island, was their passion and through that, how they could strengthen the promotion of it’s produce.
Their business, “Wine Walkers Crete”, is inspired by the primary sector and symbolises their promising venture, which is based on and centred upon showcasing, not just the vineyards and their wines, but wine tourism and agrotourism products of the Island, as the objective is to incorporate the two.

Stella Astirakaki and Ramy Masoud, through their wine suggestions, invite their company and visitors to the Island, to explore the inland regions, discovering the Cretan vineyards, meet the producers and fuse the earthy flavours of the wines with the best gastronomic combinations. “This idea began a year ago, where, through various promotional activities aimed at the promotion of wine varieties and the Cretan wineries, combining the Cretan diet but also the history of wine on the Island, which goes back to the Minoan period”, highlighted Ramy Masoud, co-founder and responsible for the organisation of the Company.

The aim of their activities constitutes the strengthening and promotion of primary sector produce, through wine tourism in Crete, cultivating advertising conditions through visits to wineries and combining the natural element and agrotourism products of the island. “Our love of our place of birth, and our passion for Cretan produce and the Cretan cuisine, were our motivation to create a wine tourism agency, with a social character”, said Stella Astirakaki, founder and responsible for design of the Company’s excursions. Their activities include excursions to archaeological sites and museums, which promote the history and the historical significance of Cretan wine, where it’s production, is seen as an activity in the Minoan era.

Their ultimate goal, as they say, is for visitors and tourists who will take part in the excursions that Wine Walkers Crete, organise, become ambassadors for the treasures of agrotourism and the wealth of wine tourism, that is on offer this original place, the natural flavours of Crete and in this way, strengthening their exportable image. “What we want, is for people who come to try our wines and other produce, to go back to their home Countries and ask for these on the shelves of their shops. That is the most substantial advert for the produce of Crete”, said Masoud in closing.

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